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The Twilight Zone (Old TV Series)

Before most of us were even born there was a TV series in the 60s called The Twilight Zone. I found out about it only recently and (like many others) I think it was very good (it has very high ratings on IMDB too). They still sell the DVDs and I think it can also be watched online.

Anyway, there are two episodesĀ about “normality” that are really good.

The first is Number 12 Looks Just Like You. Unfortunately stupidity prevails in the end. The only person who rebelled against being like everybody else is eventually forced to be like everybody else and is even happy with the results. It is about depriving people of the right to be themselves and putting stupid notions about what is beautiful, good and acceptable into their heads.

The second is The Eye of the Beholder. It’s about a world where the beautiful (by our standards) are considered ugly (again by our standards) and vice versa. The message of course is that normality has to do with majority rather than right or wrong.

I think you would like them if you can find them.



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