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Autism Hall of Fame Awards

We are very excited to announce that we have taken the decision to honor one to three autistic persons from our Autism Hall of Fame with the Autism Hall of Fame Genius Award every year on April 2 (World Autism Love, Acceptance and Appreciation Day). The first year (2017) we have honored six (based on nominations and deliberations of our Board).

NB: Starting in 2020, all our awards will be conferred every two or three years, and not yearly any more, because we have already many winners and we don’t want to rush people with nominations. We accept nominations at any time though. In years with many nominations we might make an exception.

This will not be a competition because we don’t like competitive environments. The winners will represent the spirit of World Autism Love & Acceptance Day and show what autistic people can do.

*Members can only win this award once and they need to have a valid email address so we can send them the certificates.*


Winners in alphabetical order:

Marie Faverio (Australia) (2017)

Morgan Giosa (USA) (2019)

Iris Grace Halmshaw (UK) (2017)

Mickey Mayhew (UK) (2018)

Laura Nadine (USA) (2017)

Ana Valle Ocando (Ecuador) (2018)

Colleen Ranney (Canada) (2017)

Talina Toscano (USA) (2018)

Jacob Velazquez (USA) (2017)

Mark C. Westberg (USA) (2017)

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