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*Our Book “We Can – We Will (Autistic People Help the World)”*

*(Contemporary) Autistic Geniuses
7 Major Painting Styles
10 Strange Facts about Einstein
100 Pages on the Genius of Autism Wiki!
100 Ways to Praise Your Child
150 Pages on the Genius of Autism Wiki!
A Brilliant Madness (John Nash)
A Life Inspired by an Unexpected Genius
*Abstract Art by Our Members
Abstract vs. Figurative Art
Acceptance (2)
Accidental Genius (by Darold Treffert)
Acquired Savant Syndrome
Actors for Autism
Actually Autistic
Amanda LaMunyon
*Amazing Autistic Ladies
Amazing Contemporary Autistic Artists
Another Case of Disgraceful Discrimination
Another Sad Case of Bullying
Anthony Hopkins and the Suffering Caused by Unrecognized Asperger’s
Anti-Bullying Month (with Art and Poetry)
Any Suggestions?
April and Events
Archery and Autism
Are Autistic Individuals the Best Workers Around?
*Art against Bullying
Asperger’s and IT
Autism and Genius Might Share a Genetic Link
Autism and Mathematics
Autism Can Be an Advantage
*Autism Hall of Fame (Awetism Hall of Fame)
*Autism Hall of Fame Art Gallery
*Autism Hall of Fame Awards
Autism Love and Acceptance Day (April 2)
Autism’s Got Talent
Autism’s Got Talent 2015 Highlights
Autism’s Got Talent 2016
Autism’s Hidden Gifts
Autistic and Gifted
Autistic Athletes
Autistic Boy Disqualified for Being Too Good
Autistic Boy Forced to Wear Fluorescent Vest
Autistic Children Need Love, Not Murder
Autistic People Are More Creative Than You Might Think
Autistic Savants
Autistic Scientists/Researchers
Autistic Student Killed by Staff
Awkward in Person, Graceful on the Page
Be Proud of Yourself
Be Proud of Who You Are
Beautiful Poems about Inclusion
Beautiful Quote by Stevenson
Beautiful Rendition of “Reflections of Passion” by Jacob Velazquez
Being Socially Awkward Is Actually Awesome According to Science
Bekah Cook
Benefits of Employing Autistic Adults
Beware of Those Who…
Blind Tom Wiggins
Boy Drawing Map from Memory
Bradley Turner (Autistic Opera Singer)
Breaking Barriers of Autism: the Power of Kindness and Friendship (by Benjamin Tarasewicz)
Bright, Imaginative and Autistic
Broken Links
Bullying Awareness Week
Cameron Thompson
Child Prodigies and the Assault on Creativity
Christopher Duffley
Christopher Taylor
College Internship Program (CIP)
Concerns about Carly
Congratulations to…
Could It Be Asperger’s?
Dandelions and Orchids
Dani Bowman
Daniel Tammet
Daryl Hannah
*Deadline for Contributions to Our Book
Derek Paravicini
Different, Not Less
Disgusting Bullying
*Donna Williams Bravery Award (Autism Heroes)
Donna Williams Bravery Awards 2018
Donna Williams Bravery Award 2019
Dylan Pierce
Einstein and Autism
Emma Lowry
Ethan Walmark
Exceptional Minds
Excerpt from an Article about Einstein
Extraordinary People: The Savant Syndrome
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (Movie, 2011)
Fake News Band (Featuring Our Member Morgan Giosa)
*Famous Artists with Asperger’s
*Fifty Important Facts about Asperger’s or Other Forms of Mild Autism
Frank Ludwig’s Autism Appreciation
*Friendship Project*
From Autism to Artism (by Donna Williams)
Front of the Class
Funny (but True) Quotation
*Future Projects
Genetic Risk of Autism Spectrum Disorder Linked to Evolutionary Brain Benefit
Genius May Be an Abnormality
Genius Genes
Genius Program (Autism Academy)
Genius, Creativity and Savantism
Glamour Girl by Carly Fleischmann
Great Painting by Mark Westberg for April
Great Quotation about Asperger’s
*Great Women of Our Time
Greta Thunberg and Her Critics
*Guidelines/Criteria for Inclusion in the Autism (Awetism) Hall of Fame
Hans Asperger’s Quote
Happy Autism Love and Acceptance Day 2017!
Happy Autism Love and Acceptance Day 2018!
Happy Autistic Pride Day!
Happy Human Rights Day!
Happy International Women’s Day 2018
Happy New Year!
Henriett Seth F. (Rain Girl)
Historical Autistic Geniuses
Homo Aspergerus: Evolution Stumbles Forward (by Gary Westfahl)
Horse Who Helped Autistic Boy
How Asperger’s Talent Has Produced Geniuses
How Autism Helped Mahatma Gandhi Free India (by Frank Ludwig)
How Autism Leads to Genius
How Digital Art Is Created (Angela Weddle)
How the System Often Fails Us
How to Avoid People’s Envy
How to Identify False Friends
How to Nurture the Creative Minds of People on the Spectrum
How to Survive Christmas
“I saw being autistic as an opportunity, not a weakness” (Jonathan Andrews)
If You Have Time…
If You Really Want to See What People Are…
Incredibly Beautiful Letter about Autism Written by a Non-Verbal Autistic Teen (Gordy Baylinson)
Intense World Theory
International Asperger’s Day 2019
International Women’s Day
International Women’s Day 2019
Iris Grace Halmshaw
Islands of Genius
It’s a Superpower
It’s OK Not to Be OK
It Should Be Obvious
Jake Barnett
James Castle
James Hobley
Janet’s Cookies, Art & Craft House
Joanne Ruthsatz
Just Listen (by Kyle Coleman)
Kenny Zhumi (Autistic Child Illustrating Books)
Kim Peek (The Real Rain Man)
Leap! (Movie)
Logan Blade
Loners Are Smarter Than Those Who Make Fun of Them
Lovely Song about Being Different (Colin Brennan, Autism’s Got Talent 2013)
Maja’s Videos about Autism
Marie Faverio
Max and the Whale (by Steve Selpal)
Martin Finn
Media’s Intrusions
Meet Julia, the Lovely Autistic Muppet
Michael Tolleson
Mike Korins (“Stay with Me”)
Motivating Autistic Students
Movie about an Autistic Boy
Movies and TV Series about Autism
Multiple Languages for Children with Autism
Munch’s “The Scream”
Music for Autism
Nathan Pustka
National Bullying Prevention Month
New Major Study about Autism by James Cusak
New Year’s Resolution
Nick Bair
No Bully(ing)
No Words
Nominations for 2019 Awards
Not a Copy
Nothing but Greed (Autism Spectrum Australia and Other Special Needs Schools)
October Is Anti-Bullying Month
*Our Book Planned for 2019*
*Our Book Planned for 2019 (More Details)*
Our First Birthday!
*Our Future Book
Our Violinist Laura Nadine
Outside the Box (Documentary Film about Morgan Giosa)
Oxford University at 6 (Joshua Beckford)
Paul Fulton’s Abstract Art
People with Asperger’s Less Likely to See a Meaning in Life
Pets Good for Autism
Please Stand By
*Poetry by Our Members
Positive Aspects of Autism for Education
Prioritizing Art in Schools
Prodigy or Savant?
Pros and Cons of Video Games for Autism
Quick Announcement about Our Wiki
Quote on Genius (by Aristotle)
Random Acts of Kindness
Real Talent vs Reality Shows
Really Sad… 😦
Remrov and Pilaf
Repulsive Discrimination
Rethinking Autism: from Social Awkwardness to Social Creativity
Ridiculous Punishment
Robots for Autism
Ron Sandison and “Fierce, Love… and Art”
Running with Autism: the Anthony Crudale Story
Scholarships for Autistic Adults
Scholarships for Autistic Students
Selective Mutism
Serious Discrimination against an Autistic Person on Autism Pride Day
Seven Things You Can Learn from Autistic Geniuses
Shameful Comments about Autistic Children (Pauline Hanson, Australia)
Six Myths about Vaccination
Sleep Problems in Autism
Spring Activities
Stephen Wiltshire
Success and Enemies
Susan Boyle
Susan Boyle’s Tranformation
Sydney Edmond
Taekwondo Black Belt (CJ Moore)
Teaching Students without ABA
Temple Grandin’s Advice on Coronavirus Quarantine and How to Help Autistic Children
Temple Grandin Honored
Temple Grandin on the Connection between Autism and Genius
*Thank You!
The Autistic Detective
The Autistix
The Autism of Asceticism and the Genius of the Monasteries
The Beautiful Otherness of the Autistic Mind
The Boy Whose Brain Could Unlock Autism
The Complexity of Greatness
The Curse of Genius
The Genesis of Artistic Creativity
The Good Doctor (TV Series Reviewed by Remrov)
The Hidden Links between Autism and Genius
The Isolator
The Mind of the Prodigy
The Mystery of Van Gogh’s Ear
The Open Door (Movie)
The Positive Sides of Autism (by Temple Grandin)
The Power of Different: The Link between Disorder and Genius
The Power of Introverts
The Prodigy’s Cousin
The Prodigy’s Cousin (2)
The Rainman Twins
The Right Attitude (Never Give Up)
The Spark Method
The Truth about Haters
The Twilight Zone
The Upside of Thinking Different: Asperger’s, ADHD and Enhanced Creativity
The World Needs All Kinds of Minds
Things You Shouldn’t Say to Autistic People
Thought of the Day
Tim Ellis
Title for Our Future Book
Top 10 Autistic Geniuses in History
Top Model (Nina Marker) Wants to Change the Way We Think about Asperger’s Syndrome
Trent Landreth
Triple T and ASD
True, but…
Two Quotations by John Lennon…
*Unethical Psychiatrist
Very Sad News
Was Michelangelo’s Artistic Genius a Symptom of Autism?
Wasted Beautiful Minds
*We Are Here for YOU
We Need Smarter Doctors
Wearable Social Coach for Aspies
Wesley Metcalfe
What Autism Looks Like: Amazing Kids on the Spectrum
What Genius and Autism Have in Common
What Is Genius?
What Makes a Prodigy?
Why Do People Hate?
Why High-Functioning Autism Is So Challenging
Why We Should Avoid the Terms “Low-Functioning” and “High-Functioning”
Wise Words from a 7-Year Old
Women Who Don’t Know They Are Autistic
Wonderful Story
*Your News

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