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*Friendship Project*

Many autistic people are very isolated, and extremely gifted autistic people are even more isolated.

We think it would be a good idea to start a friendship project to find some friends for autistic people. Nothing intrusive, just a friend to talk to when you are down or feel lonely.

Do you have what it takes to be a real friend, somebody who doesn’t want their friends to be like everybody else, somebody who accepts and even celebrates differences because differences make life more interesting, somebody who wants to understand, somebody who wants to be a friend for their friend’s sake, not for their own benefit or to post happy selfies, somebody who doesn’t pity or look down on friends who are going through a difficult time?

Please write to our usual email address ahof_ceos at 1) if you are autistic and would like to have a friend or 2) if you would like to be a real friend to somebody who doesn’t have any real friends. You don’t have to be autistic in order to be a friend, but you have to 100% respect autistic people and not try to change them in any way. Let us know about your interests too, so we can find the right friend for you. You don’t have to be in the USA. I am sure real friends can find a time when they are both online if they want to chat in real time (we managed to talk in almost real time to people in other countries on several occasions), but emails are just as good and perhaps even better for autistic people. Oh, and of course you can always write to us.

We had this idea after hearing about the story of an autistic person who got involved with many false friends and is now very isolated and very unwell. We were really heart-broken when we heard their story and thought this would be a nice project. We care about you and our main goal is your happiness.

Please also visit our blog post about friends.


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