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Serious discrimination against an autistic person on Autistic Pride Day (Woolworths Australia)

We have been informed of a serious form of discrimination against an autistic person at the hands of Woolworths Australia, which appears to be a supermarket.

This person today was supposed to have their food delivered by Woolworths Australia but they refused to deliver and cancelled the order first yesterday and then today (which I think is already Autistic Pride Day in Australia according to my calculations), leaving this person stranded at home without food and seriously traumatized because this person said (s)he cannot answer the phone due to autism (they have even be told to check online if they don’t believe this person is autistic, but they persisted). They said if (s)he cannot answer the phone (and basically be “normal”) (s)he won’t be able to shop with them and that was the end of it.

We have been informed that they have of course been reported to the proper authorities, but we just wanted to let you know because this is serious discrimination against all autistic people. Shame on this company!


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