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Our First Birthday!

We have been around for exactly one year today! It has been intense and it feels like so much longer. You have been wonderful members and a wonderful audience and we would like to thank you for your support and your great emails.

We started last year with our Autism Hall of Fame (Awetism Hall of Fame) (which has of course been expanded since last year as we added many new members and are still adding people) and we now also have our own The Genius of Autism Wiki with 112 pages (there are still many beautiful minds to be added) and our Amazing Autistic Ladies website which we started on International Women’s Day. The reason why we created a website for ladies (the idea came from one of our gentlemen!) is that in the past it was believed that autistic genius only existed in men and we wanted to prove such assumptions wrong.

We also have yearly awards: Autism Hall of Fame Awards. The Autism Hall of Fame Award can only be won once because with so much talent we obviously want to give everybody a chance. The list of winners will be updated every year (with the specific year next to the names of the winners).

We also have projects for the future, for example an anthology with the work of our members, but we first have to complete the pages above, so we probably won’t get started with the anthology until 2018 or 2019.

Thank you-all for being so wonderful!

PS: This is also our 200th blog post!


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