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Deadline for Contributions to Our Book

We now have a deadline for contributions to our book. It will be May 18 and the book will be published on June 18 (Autistic Pride Day).

We have also changed the rules a bit. Our goal is to help the world, as you know. We initially intended to ask those who download the book to donate directly to a charity of their choice (the book itself will be free to download). However, we now thought that there are other ways of helping. If you download the book, please just do something for someone – a random act of kindness, a kind email, letting an elderly person behind you be served first, volunteering to help those who are unwell, or of course also donating to a charity of your choice, even 50 cents (this is still valid of course). Anyway, there are many way of helping!

We already have WONDERFUL contributions by the way. 🙂

Any suggestions where we can upload the book?

PS: Please also don’t forget to send in nominations for our yearly awards (past winners are not eligible).


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