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Autism and Mathematics

Interesting article on autism and mathematical skills:

There is also a book on the subject: Autism and Mathematical Talent by Ioan James.

And if you are a fan of mathematics, don’t forget Pi Day in just a few hours. It is actually quite fascinating.


Banner for Autism Love and Acceptance Month

If you have a painting that represents the spirit of next month, Autism Love and Acceptance Month, and you think it would make a nice banner for this site, please send it to us at ahof_ceos at How long your painting will stay up will depend on the number of submissions. If we only receive one, it will stay up all month, if we receive 2 it will stay up for 15 days etc.

Thank you, and we look forward to receiving your submissions.

PS: Multiple submissions are welcome.

Happy International Women’s Day 2018!

Happy International Women’s Day 2018! (It is just past midnight.)
On this day celebrating women worldwide, please take a moment to have a look at the extraordinary achievements of the women of our Hall of Fame:
or (someone suggested this would be a better url than the one above, which was the original one)
They all deserve our recognition and love and we are very proud of them.

And because this day is not only for autistic ladies, we would like to invite you to also visit Sarah’s page featuring Great Women of Our Time.

As explained in a previous post, Sarah compiled her list based on several lists she found online (including ours) as well as her own personal research. She is open to adding more autistic women, so if you would like to have either yourself or a friend added, please contact us at the usual email address at the end of our main page (our main website) and we will give you her email address or write ourselves (if you prefer, but she is really nice and would definitely reply).

Sarah pointed out that her list is a representative list. Our Hall of Fame is  of course also a representative list, as the talent in the autistic community is unlimited and 10% of us are believed to be savants.

PS: Please keep sending in nominations for our awards in April and remember that our awards can only be won once each. Thank you!


Our Future Book

Next year (2019) we would like to start collecting material for our book (the one mentioned here). We have been thinking what to do with it once it’s ready and the best option is probably donating it to an autism advocacy group led by autistic people (this is important!) and they could possibly put it on their website and ask for a donation to download it and whatever money they make with it could be put towards autism advocacy.

Any suggestions? Which group led exclusively by autistic people should have our book?

Of course we would need the approval of our contributors too, but we think they will be happy to help an autism advocacy group.

Please send suggestions to ahof_ceos at

Thank you!

Another Case of Disgraceful Discrimination

This story is not quite new, but still shocking. Luckily the passengers sided with the autistic girl and her family, but the captain should be ashamed of himself. We hope he was fired. His behavior was a real disgrace. She only wanted a warm meal, not the moon! The lack of solidarity and understanding of certain people sometimes is absolutely disgusting.