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Random Acts of Kindness

We have mentioned random acts of kindness and how they can change lives before…

Here is a wonderful concrete example of how kindness is more powerful than medicines or anything else. A busker achieved what many prejudiced doctors can only dream of. Beautiful…






I read this just before going to bed and intended to post in the morning, but it upset me so much that I just turned in my bed and could not sleep, so I am posting it now.

This is so disgusting. And they are obviously stupid too, or they would have noticed that the phone call was still on.

Suspended? They should have been fired. How can parents trust those people ever again?

That’s why neurotypicals are so scary. I can imagine how hypocritical they are with parents, all smiles etc., and then that’s what they say behind their back about their autistic child. Absolutely disgusting.

Front of the Class

I have just finished watching Front of the Class (yes, it is a bit late, but it’s summer…). It is a beautiful movie about defying all odds and not accepting defeat or being considered disabled instead of just different. While it is not a heavy movie, it is deep and really enjoyable.

I think we have to face the same challenges as this young man, and we have to really face them and never give up so that we can win like this young man in the end.

The Open Door

I watched this movie with a friend the other day and I really liked it.

It is about a young man “with special needs”. The words “autism” or “autistic” are never mentioned in the movie or the IMDB reviews, but this young man (Sam) seems to at least have a few traits of autism: he avoids eye contact, suffers from sensory overload, is socially awkward, doesn’t like change(s),  has obsessions (shoes), is obsessed with accuracy and tidiness, hates lies and loves honesty etc.

There are some really beautiful moments in the movie, some humorous, some very deep (including what Sam, the protagonist of the movie says: “Some people’s needs are on the outside for everyone to see, while others keep them on the inside hidden from view.”) There are also some dramatic moments.

In the end love and friendship triumph over prejudices.

Ridiculous Punishment

An autistic boy has been arrested for playing with an imaginary gun:

This is ridiculous. Boys just do that and they sell toy guns and rifles in all toy stores. And that was not even a toy, I guess he just used his hand.

Maybe it was not appropriate to point this imaginary gun at his teacher, I agree with that, but considering he is autistic wouldn’t it have been better to explain to him he should play with his friends and not in the classroom and that it is not appropriate to point even an imaginary gun at a teacher?

Arrested? This is ridiculous. It was not a real gun. And the teacher felt threatened? I wonder if the teacher would have felt threatened and would have reacted in the same way if a normal kid had pointed an imaginary gun at him/her.