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Be Proud of Yourself

We should all be proud of ourselves every day of course, but today is a nice reminder (for ourselves and others too).

Enjoy Autistic Pride Day and be proud of yourself. Don’t let others take you down. You are great, are doing great, and have every reason to love yourself and be proud of yourself!


It’s OK Not to Be OK

We live in a very selfish world where people are attacked for no reason at all.

Darnella Frazier for example, the young woman who filmed George Floyd’s murder, has been accused of being an attention seeker by some.

Greta Thunberg is also often called an attention seeker for caring for the environment and speaking up, or also when she said she might have had coronavirus, and even when she donated $100,000.

And those who are unwell and post about being unwell are often also called attention seekers.

This is all quite disgusting of course. The real attention seekers are those who call these people attention seekers.

If you are unwell for any reason, don’t hold back in spite of haters who might accuse you of being an attention seeker. Speaking up sometimes can save a life. It’s OK not to be OK and to talk about it (if you feel like talking).

Haters must be so terribly frustrated people that they are even jealous of people who are unwell if they talk about it and somebody gives them attention. Don’t give them the attention THEY want. Ignore them. Be yourself. Speak up. It’s OK not to be OK.

It Should Be Obvious…

Last month Greta Thunberg donated $100,000 to UNICEF to help children during the COVID-19 pandemic. She got many thumbs down on YouTube for being generous…. Then because CNN invited her to a COVID-19 panel the criticism and mockery got even worse… They don’t even understand why she was invited in the first place. It should be obvious why she was invited… She donated a large amount of money to help children during the pandemic, so she is entitled to have some saying and express her opinion and discuss the situation… I wonder how many of those who criticize her and laugh at her donated $100,000 when they were 17?

The Truth about Haters

Many of our members (and not only our members) have to deal with haters in their lives apart from other challenges for being autistic (because society is not really ready for us and still has to evolve before being able to accept us).

Here are some really good quotes about haters and hate that can help us deal with painful situations:

Hater Quotes & Sayings About Jealous Negative People


“Surreal” is the last entry posted by Mel (Amanda) Baggs, who sadly passed away on the 11th of last month, as I think you all know.

I am reading her last entries in the middle of the night. They are beautiful entries, full of wisdom, gratitude, as well as some anxiety. I am grateful that I have the opportunity to be enlightened by her words.

“Surreal” is her very last entry.

Such a beautiful soul, an example for us all. “Mel being human in a world that says I’m not” – priceless!

Temple Grandin’s Advice on Coronavirus Quarantine and How to Help Autistic Children

Good advice from our Temple Grandin during Autism Love and Acceptance Month, which unfortunately this year is a very challenging time:

Temple Grandin Has Some Great Tips to Help Kids With Autism Cope During the Coronavirus Quarantine

Stay safe!



Our Ladies

Every year on International Women’s Day we would like to call the attention on our fantastic ladies:

The myth that only autistic men can be great has been debunked, and our ladies are definitely fantastic and have greatly improved the world, in spite of having to face additional challenges, like being misdiagnosed or, if they have been properly diagnosed, having to hide their diagnose.

Well done, ladies! We are so proud of you!