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The Good Doctor (TV Series Reviewed by Remrov)

Here is what Remrov (who is in our Hall of Fame) thinks of the new TV series “The Good Doctor”:

Thank you, Remrov!


A Brilliant Madness (John Nash)

Mathematical genius and Nobel Prize winner John Nash is usually represented as schizophrenic, but there are also more and more sources stating that he also had Asperger’s, including an excellent paper by renowned Prof. Michael Fitzgerald at

Everybody knows and loves the movie “A Beautiful Mind” about him, but we would also like to call your attention on a video on YouTube, which is also quite good. Warning: Some scenes in the mental hospital where patients were treated with insulin might be disturbing to some viewers.

If You Really Want to See What People Are…

“If you really want to see what people are, all you have to do is look.”

These are the last words in the new movie Wonder (released in November). We don’t want to tell you too much about it in case it is on your list of movies you want to watch during the holidays.

We will only say that it is a beautiful story about overcoming the problems of being “different” and managing to make people understand your real value. Yes, it is so true. You only have to look if you really want to see what people are. Prejudiced people don’t look and miss out on getting to know many wonderful people. They are the ones who are to pity, not the ones who are different.



We autistic people take friendship very seriously. Contrary to what neurotypical people usually think, we are not only capable of friendship – we are capable of honest, real friendship, which is a rare virtue these days.

Unfortunately we have also heard very sad stories. Sometimes autistic people write to us because they have been hurt, betrayed, stabbed in the back by so-called friends (even so-called friends who allied with bullies who ruined their lives).

We want to tell you that you shouldn’t be sad when you lose a false friend. Possibly also because of the way social media and the Internet are, and also because of the way neurotypicals are, it is difficult to find real friends. They exist though, so don’t feel discouraged if some false friends have hurt you. You were just too good for them.

If real friends were everywhere friendship would probably be less valuable. Rareness makes precious metals or stones more valuable. Rareness also makes true friendship more valuable.

In this context we would also like to remind you of our Friendship Project.

True friends exist, but they are rare, and they will love you for your differences that make you so special and unique. True friends will also be happy for your achievements rather than pointing out your problems to make you feel bad. We all need friends,  but it is better to wait until we meet true friends rather than being bullied and betrayed by false friends.

Dandelions and Orchids

A few years ago Tom Boyce compared normal people to dandelions and people with a brain difference to orchids. While dandelions are able to thrive anywhere, orchids are more beautiful and fascinating, but they don’t thrive anywhere, only in the right environment. That’s why it is so important to give children and adults who are different the right support so that they can shine and grow into beautiful orchids.

Here is an article by David Dobbs about this: The Science of Success