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Just Listen (by Kyle Coleman)

Kyle is an autistic musician from the UK who found a way to express himself through his beautiful music. His wonderful, touching story is on his website and this is one of his most famous songs, Just Listen:

Well done, Kyle!!!


Acquired Savant Syndrome

This does not directly have to do with autism, but it is fascinating (although rare):

A few months ago we had posted about The Power of Different, a book about the link between disorder and genius, so it appears that having a brain that is not what is commonly called “normal” can really be an advantage sometimes.

Please also see Accidental Genius.

Different is not only not less, but quite often even more.


Sydney Edmond

Sydney Edmond is a very talented and determined autistic young lady. She first wrote how it felt to be trapped inside a body that doesn’t obey in her early teens and then bravely fought for her dreams and what she loved and is now a great painter as well as a dancer. Congratulations to her and to her supportive family and friends! It is so important for us autistic people to find support around us because otherwise in most cases we will become more and more isolated and withdrawn. Support and love are so important for us.


Movies and TV Series about Autism

Well, we don’t quite agree with this article according to which series like The Good Doctor don’t have a positive effect on autism. It is also not true that there are only movies about the positive effects of autism and autitic geniuses. As a matter of fact there are many movies about autism and about different autistic people. We agree that it is important to feature different kinds of autistic people and give them all respect, but this is already done so there is no need to exclude autistic geniuses or call movies or TV series about autistic geniuses and savants “fantasies”. Here is a list of movies on autism and autistic people. Quite varied as you can see, and most of them quite good.

Oh, don’t forget that Please Stand By starring Dakota Fanning will be out very soon.



We are now accepting nominations for both our Genius Award on April 2 and the Donna Williams Bravery Award on April 22.

If you nominate an autistic person for the bravery award and the story is not already online or otherwise known, please ask the possible nominee for permission to share their story with us first.

Please send nominations to ahof_ceos at aol dot com.

Best luck to everyone!

PS: Sorry for posting in the middle of the night. You will probably see this in the morning.


Autistic Athletes

A great article about how good autistic people can be at sports:

Top 5 Autistic Athletes

For those of us in good health sports can indeed help a lot with depression, anxiety etc. and of course also with keeping us fit. However, if you are not very fit, even going for a walk can help. We do sometimes when we feel really bad and it usually helps.

If you are interested in sports maybe Special Olympics can help.

Some of our old blog posts related to sports:

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