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No Words

No words can describe tragedies like this:

RIP, little angel. There are a lot of people who love you.


Triple T and ASD (by Hamish Finlayson)

Triple T and ASD is an app developed by our young member Hamish Finlayson to  help both autistic children and adults and those who want to know more about autism. It is free, so give it a go!

Transport Pathways is another free app he has developed to help autistic people with road safety.

More info and apps on his Facebook page.

Well done, Hamish!

150 Pages on the Genius of Autism Wiki!

We now have 150 pages on the Genius of Autism Wiki and are so proud of all our featured beautiful minds. There are still quite a few people to add, but in the meantime you can enjoy those who are already featured. There are also categories, which make it easier to find people whose work is in your field of interest.

Some of our latest additions are Khali Raymond (from the USA), who is under 20 and has published over 40 books in the last 4 years; Hamish Finlayson, a young app developer from Australia who is helping autistic people and the environment with his apps; James Cook, a stunning multi-media artist from Canada who also creates ephemeral art, that is to say art that does not last, for example ice sculptures, and many more great autistic people.