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Accidental Genius (by Darold Treffert)

Great video!


Really Sad… :(

Autistic Child Not Invited to Any Parties

Sad, really sad… And unfortunately not an isolated case. We even know of autistic students who were invited to organize a party and then nobody went to the party.

We have to keep fighting to make people understand  we are just different, not less, and sometimes we are even more. There is nothing wrong with being different, absolutely nothing! If anything, there is something wrong with being unable to love those who are different.

Please Stand By

Please Stand By is a new movie about a genius autistic woman starring Dakota Fanning and Helen Hunt. We haven’t watched it yet, but in just a few days it has received very good reviews and has a ranking of 8.2 on IMDb. Its official release was on the 27th of October, but it’s not out in theaters yet (apparently it will be in January 2018). We look forward to watching it in person!