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Seven Things You Can Learn from Autistic Geniuses

Great article: Seven Things You Can Learn from Autistic Geniuses

Neurotypicals can certainly learn a lot from us…. 🙂


Munch’s “The Scream”

The painting below by Edvard Munch is very famous and reminds us a bit of Steve Selpal’s “Max and the Whale” that we posted a few days ago. It could certainly represent sensory overload too, although in his case it was rather an inner scream.

According to this source Munch might have been an aspie too, so we will make some research and if he was really an aspie we will add him to the Autism Hall of Fame. 🙂

You can read more about Edvard Munch here.

Max and the Whale (by Steve Selpal)

This is a wonderful painting by artist Steve Selpal, who unfortunately passed away recently:

Max and the Whale (Steve Selpal)

It exemplifies magnificently what “incredibly close and extremely loud” means, like in the movie we mentioned a couple of weeks ago. It also reminds us of the other movie “Mozart and the Whale” of course.

Steve was also into meditation and painted chakras in a vision:

Great work!

Donna Williams Bravery Award

We are excited to let you know that we have established a new annual award in honor of Donna Williams and other brave autistic people like her.

Donna passed away on April 22 this year after a brave fight against cancer.

We would like to honor other brave autistic people like her every year on April 22 with the “Donna Williams Bravery Award”.

The recipients of this award must be autistic of course, but must not necessarily be in the Autism Hall of Fame. In general this award will be conferred to only one person a year, but the first year (2018) more than one person might be honored (we don’t know for sure yet).

We invite you to send us your suggestions/nominations and/or to read the biographies of our members again.

Thank you, and we hope you are just as excited as we are.