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Happy Autism Love and Acceptance Day 2018!

Happy Autism Love and Acceptance Day!

This is a day to remember how precious ALL autistic people are, a day about love and acceptance (much better than awareness) – because we are all different, and it would really be boring if all people were the same. It is not a day for neurotypicals to get all the attention at events like Light-It-Up-Blue.

We think that love is also important, not only acceptance – because while acceptance is better than awareness, it has a connotation that undermines its real meaning if not accompanied by love.

And here are this year’s outstanding winners from our Hall of Fame (in alphabetical order):

Mickey Mayhew (UK)

Ana Valle Ocando (Ecuador)

Talina Toscano (USA)

Congratulations to all three of them! They will soon be added to our list of award winners and will also be notified by email.

This award can only be won once, so we invite you to also have a look at the winners of last year, as they were not eligible this year and we did actually receive nominations for some of them too. Please also remember that this is not a competition because we don’t like competitive environments. We are all friends here.

If possible, give a random act of kindness and love to an autistic person today. Just imagine how powerful it would be if everyone did that. Not only today, but every day. It probably just takes a couple of minutes, but if everybody did that, wow, it would be so, so powerful!

NB: You still have until the end of the week to send in nominations for the Donna Williams Bravery Award.



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