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Anti-Bullying Month (with Art and Music)

October is anti-bullying month, and Marie and Morgan sent us their art and music representing how they feel when they are bullied. Their creations express fear, angst, desolation. Bullying is really, really horrible, even more so when sometimes the bullies are adults who either don’t understand difference or are jealous or have just problems in their lives that they cowardly take out on innocent, vulnerable people. Stand up to real values and say no to bullying! Karma will get back to those who bully and vilify vulnerable people.

The 10th will also be World Mental Health Day. We are mentioning this because bullying obviously affects mental health, so it is important.

Marie sent us her art a long time ago when we were first looking for contributions and is currently unfortunately sick, so please keep her in your thoughts, particularly this month where we should all be united against bullying.

Marie Faverio

Slideshow of eight paintings created after being bullied:

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Morgan Giosa

In Morgan’s own words: “This was a piece of improvised music that I created with my guitar in GarageBand during a time of desperation. It just poured out, as an expression of deep sadness that needed to be exorcised from my soul. I had always hidden from my past reasonably well, but the demons stemming from abuse and bullying during my childhood and teenage years finally caught up with me, and this recording of a guitar basically crying out in melancholic anguish is the result of reconciling with my past and trying to drain the sadness in order to move forward. It is not one of my professional recordings or an example of my proper songwriting, and it is demo quality, but I figured this recording was appropriate to share for anti-bullying month.”

Thank you, Marie and Morgan.

National Bullying Prevention Month

As many of you surely know, October is National Bullying Prevention Month.

Here are some ideas how you can contribute, but of course at the end of the day the most important factor is love, which we can all find in ourselves (and then we can decide ourselves what to do).

Bullying is not a game and is never OK (adults are bullied too). Bullying can result in serious injuries and even death, whether inflicted by the bullies or self-inflicted when the victims cannot cope. Bullying is really, really bad.

This year we would like to honor this young man:

The story is not new and was reported to us a few weeks ago (we had not heard about it when it happened). We don’t have an update, but we sincerely hope this young man is doing better. The last update we have found is about the trial about a year later:

Be a friend, do not bully. Bullying does not make you great. It makes you mean, really mean, and a coward.