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Art against Bullying

October is Anti-Bullying month, and we would like to contribute by creating an art gallery with art by autistic people that expresses the feelings (fear, anger, etc.) that bullying may cause. October 10 is also Mental Health Day, and we can certainly see a connection because bullying does cause mental health problems, so we can connect the two issues in our art gallery, although the main focus remains bullying. Bullying is bad and bullies are not strong. They are cowards.

We welcome contributions from both members of the Autism Hall of Fame and other autistic people. Please contact us at ahof_ceos at aol dot com if you wish to submit.

The deadline is September 20.

Thank you!

Autism Hall of Fame Art Gallery

We are very pleased to announce that we now have our own art gallery!!!

The artists are all from our Hall of Fame. We have shared art from their public Facebook pages or from personal websites if we were given permission to share art from such websites in the past. If you don’t use Facebook and would like art from your personal website to be added to our art gallery please let us know and we will be delighted to add it.

Artists are represented with two works each for the moment, but we might add more works in the future. As you can see, we have different art style (for all tastes): mystical, abstract, realistic, hyper-realistic art…, so autistic people can obviously do anything they set their heart on.

We are very proud of our artists! They are all fantastic! Please visit our Hall of Fame for more works by these artists or works by other artists who only have personal websites.

NB: Our Art Gallery is best viewed on a desktop computer or a laptop.