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Congratulations to…

Congratulations to Morgan Giosa, the winner of this year’s Autism Hall of Fame Genius Award!!! You will receive your well-deserved certificate within 24 hours, Morgan. 🙂

Everyone, please also take the time to have a look at past winners, as this award can only be won once, but of course we should not forget past winners:

And this month, please, give autistic people even more love than usual. Events organized by big organizations led by neurotypicals don’t help autistic people and we will not participate in any such event. Love helps. Friendship helps. And they are something that should happen every day, not only in April. If you visit Frank Ludwig’s Autism Appreciation page, you will see that there is a date on the right for “Autism Appreciation Day”, and the day changes every day with the actual date, meaning of course that we should appreciate autism every day, and we certainly should:

Nominations for 2019 Awards

Nominations for the 2019 awards (both the Genius Award and the Bravery Award) are now open. Previous winners are not eligible, but we will list them as previous winners, so they will also have the recognition they deserve.

While in the first two years we had more than one winner for every award, starting this year we will normally have only one or two winners.

Thank you for your nominations!


We are now accepting nominations for both our Genius Award on April 2 and the Donna Williams Bravery Award on April 22.

If you nominate an autistic person for the bravery award and the story is not already online or otherwise known, please ask the possible nominee for permission to share their story with us first.

Please send nominations to ahof_ceos at aol dot com.

Best luck to everyone!

PS: Sorry for posting in the middle of the night. You will probably see this in the morning.