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The Curse of Genius

This is an interesting article about genius. Although it does not mention autism, we think many of us can identify, as the problems of genius mentioned in the article are often the problem of autism too, not only isolation and poor social skills, but also very sharp senses (they don’t mention “sensory overload” in the article, but that’s what it is and it appears that many geniuses suffer from sensory overload according to the article).

Really Sad… :(

Autistic Child Not Invited to Any Parties

Sad, really sad… And unfortunately not an isolated case. We even know of autistic students who were invited to organize a party and then nobody went to the party.

We have to keep fighting to make people understand  we are just different, not less, and sometimes we are even more. There is nothing wrong with being different, absolutely nothing! If anything, there is something wrong with being unable to love those who are different.

Shameful Comments about Autistic Children (Pauline Hanson, Australia)

So after reading and posting about the murder of autistic children in Australia some time ago, a few hours ago we read about this Australian politician who wants to “segregate” autistic children and remove them from mainstream and who refuses to apologize for what she said: Australian Politician Pauline Hanson Wants to Segregate Autistic Children. Apparently from what we read she didn’t even finish school and had a fish-and-chips shop before she became a politician. Excerpt from her Wikipedia entry: “Hanson first received schooling in her hometown of Wooloongabba, at Buranda Girls’ School. She attended Coorparoo State School in Coorparoo until she ended her education at age 15, shortly before her first marriage and pregnancy”. It appears that she found mainstream education a bit challenging. Did you know what they do to autistic children in “special” schools, Ms Hanson? We have just been told about this story: Autistic Boy Locked in Cage (Aspect Australia)

This is what autistic children have to say about her comments. Well said, kids! My kid is not in Australia, but he is also autistic like me and does VERY WELL in school. And for the record, we have honors students and graduates in our Wikia, and we are actually sure there are many more we might not know of.

It is a shame, as Australia has some of our best members. Now I admire them even more, trying to imagine what they have to go through on a daily basis. I think we are a bit more advanced here in the field of autism and doing something for autistic people.