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Another Case of Disgraceful Discrimination

This story is not quite new, but still shocking. Luckily the passengers sided with the autistic girl and her family, but the captain should be ashamed of himself. We hope he was fired. His behavior was a real disgrace. She only wanted a warm meal, not the moon! The lack of solidarity and understanding of certain people sometimes is absolutely disgusting.


We Are Here for YOU

We would like to let you know that we are here for you and that if we hear that you are being discriminated against and bullied we will definitely protect and help you and do our best against racists and/or manipulative people who hurt you if they don’t stop. You are NOT alone and you do NOT have to endure abuse and discrimination.

Never ever be silent about abuse and discrimination and never ever let anyone silence you. We love you, just know that. Don’t be afraid to speak up!