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Nothing but Greed (Autism Spectrum Australia and Other Special Needs Schools)

We thought Autism Speaks was really bad, but it appears that Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) is even worse.

They have locked children in cages on more than one occasion ( and have the audacity to ask for money everywhere on their website: They even ask to be remembered in people’s wills!

More proofs of abuse (and photos):

They have a huge heart next to Donate…. Yeah, at least they admit their love for money, don’t they?

And apparently children with other disabilities are mistreated too:

Absolutely disgusting. Not that the situation around here is perfect or much better, far from that, but I think that we have better resources to defend ourselves. Donna for example was a wonderful advocate and activist, but in spite of all her efforts not many listened. It appears that some of these people who work for them or similar organizations designed to erase differences from society call themselves advocates and claim to be autistic themselves, but absolutely hate autism and agree with their “bosses” that autism should be eliminated from society! Either they have been brainwashed, are unable to have an opinion of their own, are blind or they are just sad people who deserve our commiseration.

Parents, please always check where you send your children (to which schools) very carefully (and obviously not based on what these schools say of themselves on their websites)! Some of these bad people take advantage of the fact that some disabled children can’t talk for example, so they can’t tell their parents what they do to them. Please be careful! Ask other parents how their children behave or feel when they come home for example and try to investigate yourself.

Repulsive Discrimination

We have recently been informed of a case of evil and repulsive discrimination. As usual, we cannot share details here without the victim’s consent/knowledge but as autism advocates we would like to still share our sorrow.

It is about a wonderful autistic person who has viciously been discriminated against in a group. This person has been excluded from events on the basis of autism, insulted (called a manipulator for mentioning autism and sensory overload), threatened, mocked and much worse. These people have broken the law in many aspects and should actually have been reported to the proper authorities (like all bullies and abusers should – victims are far too lenient!). There are no excuses for such discriminatory, disgusting behavior!

On top of that two of these people last year camouflaged as refugees (!!!) to get free food and accommodation at an event at a nice location. And then they call autistic people manipulators if they have problems with sensory overload. This is as bad as bad can be! No wonder autistic people say that normal people scare them. Normal people like these ARE scary; it is not our perception.

Please, everybody, don’t let such people intimidate you, even if they are scary, and talk to somebody if you feel in danger.

EDIT: We have received an incredible high number of emails concerning this post (as well as other posts concerning discrimination, but this case is particularly disturbing because of its deliberate cruelty). Thank you all so much for being such wonderful autism supporters.