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Happy International Women’s Day 2018!

Happy International Women’s Day 2018! (It is just past midnight.)
On this day celebrating women worldwide, please take a moment to have a look at the extraordinary achievements of the women of our Hall of Fame:
or (someone suggested this would be a better url than the one above, which was the original one)
They all deserve our recognition and love and we are very proud of them.

And because this day is not only for autistic ladies, we would like to invite you to also visit Sarah’s page featuring Great Women of Our Time.

As explained in a previous post, Sarah compiled her list based on several lists she found online (including ours) as well as her own personal research. She is open to adding more autistic women, so if you would like to have either yourself or a friend added, please contact us at the usual email address at the end of our main page (our main website) and we will give you her email address or write ourselves (if you prefer, but she is really nice and would definitely reply).

Sarah pointed out that her list is a representative list. Our Hall of Fame is  of course also a representative list, as the talent in the autistic community is unlimited and 10% of us are believed to be savants.

PS: Please keep sending in nominations for our awards in April and remember that our awards can only be won once each. Thank you!


Great Women of Our Time

Good news for our ladies!

We have been contacted by Sarah, a student who is writing a paper on great women of our time. She has compiled a list of great women of our time based on other lists she has found, including our website/list of amazing autistic ladies.

She said that she was particularly impressed by our ladies (all of them), considering the challenges they have to face in daily life. She has already added a few of our ladies and asked us if we could suggest a few more ladies. We would like to ask you whom you would like to nominate for inclusion on her list.

You can either let us know or contact Sarah directly if you prefer, but you will still have to contact us for her email address, as Sarah prefers not to have her email address published due to spammers.

We think this is exciting!

Amazing Autistic Ladies

These are our outstanding ladies (from our Autism Hall of Fame) who all deserve our recognition on International Women’s Day. They are all really amazing. When we add new ladies to our Hall of Fame this list will also be updated of course.

We have also just created a separate website for these ladies (here or here).

Andria Antonakos, photographer (USA)

Jessica-Jane Applegate, Paralympics swimmer (UK)

Shanade Aylett, artist (Australia)

Rachel Barcellona, model (USA)

Amber Black, athlete and reiki master healer (USA)

Lucy Blackman, author (Australia)

Nekea Blagoev, artist (Australia)

Nora Blansett, artist (Canada)

Ellen Boudreaux, timekeeping wizard and musician featured in Islands of Genius by Darold Treffert (USA)

Dani Bowman, animator (with her own animation company) and speaker (USA)

Susan Boyle, singer, finalist of Britain’s Got Talent 2009 (UK)

Phillipa “Pip” Brown (Ladyhawke), indie rock musician (New Zealand)

Faith Butterfield, animator, actress, writer (USA)

Tammy Carr, artist (UK)

Elizabeth Catlin, mnemonist (USA)

Caitlin Churcher, artistic gymnast (UK)

Lizzy Clark, actress (UK)

Bekah Cook, dancer (UK)

Michelle Dawson, autism researcher (Canada)

Marcy Deutsch, artist (USA)

Nicole Dimond, artist (Australia)

Jodi DiPiazza, musician and singer (USA)

Sydney Edmond, artist, poet, lecturer and classical ballet student (USA)

Jasmin Egner, actress (Germany/UK)

Judy Endow, author and speaker (USA)

Marie Faverio, artist, writer (various genres incl. poetry, puzzles, aphorisms, translations and research), inventor of a secret language and musician (Australia)

Carly Fleischmann, author, songwriter and entertainer (Canada)

Kimberly Gerry-Tucker, artist and writer (USA)

Temple Grandin, animal behavior researcher, author and speaker featured in Islands of Genius by Darold Treffert, Asperger’s and Self-Esteem: Insight and Hope through Famous Role Models by Norm Ledgin, in Create Your Own Economy by Tyler Cowen as well as in The High-Flying Obsessives, an article by Karen Gold in The Guardian (2000) (USA)

April Dawn Griffin, artist (Canada)

Iris Grace Halmshaw, artist (UK)

Daryl Hannah, actress (USA)

Amanda Harrington, writer and photographer (UK)

AK_Hevonen, artist (Germany)

Nina Jensen, artist (Denmark)

Ann Kagarise, author and photographer (USA)

Deirdre Kenney, artist (USA)

Amrit Khurana, artist (India)

Cynthia Kim, writer (USA)

Heather Kuzmich, model (USA)

Amanda LaMunyon, artist (USA)

Anita Lesko, author (USA)

Deborah Locke, former detective (Australia)

Courtney Love, musician, actress and artist (USA)

Rachael Lucas, writer (UK)

Flo and Kay Lyman, mnemonists featured in Islands of Genius by Darold Treffert (USA)

Brittany Maier, musician featured in Islands of Genius by Darold Treffert (USA)

Nina Marker, model (Denmark)

Andrea Michael, artist (Australia)

Heidi Mortenson, electronic composer, singer and producer (Denmark)

Haley Moss, artist and writer (USA)

Phoebe Murer, artist (USA)

Laura Nadine, musician (USA)

Michelle Marie Newman, artist (USA)

Mary Newport, artist, musician and actress featured in Mozart and the Whale (USA)

Ana Valle Ocando, artist (Ecuador)

Jasmine Lee O’Neill, author, artist and musician (USA)

Carissa Paccerelli, artist and writer (USA)

Jessica Park, artist (USA)

Shauna Phoon, photographer (Australia)

Dawn Prince-Hughes, primate anthropologist, ethologist and author (USA)

Jeanette Purkis, author, poet, artist and speaker (Australia)

Colleen Ranney, artist, author and poet (Canada)

Dora Raymaker, scientist, writer, artist and public speaker (USA)

Jo Redman, kickboxer (UK)

Ann Riggott, artist and author (USA)

Sue Rubin, author (USA)

Amy Sequenzia, poet (USA)

Henriett Seth, author, poet, musician and artist (Hungary)

Mikaela Sheldt, artist, photographer and poet (USA)

Anna Silivonchik, multi-media artist (Russia)

Rudy Simone, author, musician and actress (USA)

Rosemary Stephens, artist (UK)

Sarah Stup, writer (USA)

Beki Tara, artist (Australia)

Greta Thunberg, environmental activist (Sweden)

Stephanie Tihanyi, artist (Sint Maarten)

Talina Toscano, singer and songwriter (USA)

Maja Toudal, singer, songwriter, author and public speaker (Denmark)

Penelope Trunk, author and businesswoman (USA)

Sarah E. Vaughn, artist (USA)

Jadyn Waiser, athlete (USA)

Heidi Webster, artist (USA)

Angela Weddle, artist (USA)

Liane Holliday Willey, author and education professor (USA)

Donna Williams, poet, artist, author, songwriter and screenwriter (Australia)

Alexis Wineman, model (USA)

Emma Zurcher-Long, writer, public speaker and singer featured in Unspoken (USA)


The ladies below have been mentioned as (likely) autistic in books or essays published  by established authors.

#Joy Adamson, naturalist, artist and author featured in Asperger’s Syndrome: A Gift or a Curse? by Michael Fitzgerald and Viktoria Lyons (former Austria-Hungary)

#Daisy Bates, journalist and welfare worker featured in Unstoppable Brilliance by Michael Fitzgerald and Antoinette Walker (Ireland/Australia)

#Marie Curie, physicist and chemist featured in Asperger’s and Self-Esteem: Insight and Hope through Famous Role Models by Norm Ledgin and (like her daughter) also mentioned in the January 2003 Issue of Singular Scientists in an article by Ioan James (Poland/France)

#Dian Fossey, zoologist featured in Different Like Me: My Book of Autism Heroes by Jennifer Elder (USA)

#Patricia Highsmith, writer featured in Asperger’s Syndrome: A Gift or a Curse? by Michael Fitzgerald and Viktoria Lyons and in Asperger Syndrome and High Achievement by Ioan James (USA)

#Irène Joliot-Curie, Marie Curie’s daughter, scientist mentioned as possibly having Asperger’s in the January 2003 Issue of Singular Scientists in an article by Ioan James (France)

#Barbara McClintock, scientist and cytogeneticist featured in Different Like Me: My Book of Autism Heroes by Jennifer Elder (USA)

#Julia Robinson, mathematician featured in Different Like Me: My Book of Autism Heroes by Jennifer Elder (USA)

#Simone Weil, philosopher and activist featured in The Genesis of Artistic Creativity and Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome and Creativity by Michael Fitzgerald as well as Asperger Syndrome and High Achievement by Ioan James (France/UK)