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Autistic Athletes

A great article about how good autistic people can be at sports:

Top 5 Autistic Athletes

For those of us in good health sports can indeed help a lot with depression, anxiety etc. and of course also with keeping us fit. However, if you are not very fit, even going for a walk can help. We do sometimes when we feel really bad and it usually helps.

If you are interested in sports maybe Special Olympics can help.

Some of our old blog posts related to sports:

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Bekah Cook

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Running with Autism: the Anthony Crudale Story


Great Women of Our Time

Good news for our ladies!

We have been contacted by Sarah, a student who is writing a paper on great women of our time. She has compiled a list of great women of our time based on other lists she has found, including our website/list of amazing autistic ladies.

She said that she was particularly impressed by our ladies (all of them), considering the challenges they have to face in daily life. She has already added a few of our ladies and asked us if we could suggest a few more ladies. We would like to ask you whom you would like to nominate for inclusion on her list.

You can either let us know or contact Sarah directly if you prefer, but you will still have to contact us for her email address, as Sarah prefers not to have her email address published due to spammers.

We think this is exciting!