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Great Women of Our Time

Good news for our ladies!

We have been contacted by Sarah, a student who is writing a paper on great women of our time. She has compiled a list of great women of our time based on other lists she has found, including our website/list of amazing autistic ladies.

She said that she was particularly impressed by our ladies (all of them), considering the challenges they have to face in daily life. She has already added a few of our ladies and asked us if we could suggest a few more ladies. We would like to ask you whom you would like to nominate for inclusion on her list.

You can either let us know or contact Sarah directly if you prefer, but you will still have to contact us for her email address, as Sarah prefers not to have her email address published due to spammers.

We think this is exciting!


Happy Autism Love and Acceptance Day!

Happy Autism Love and Acceptance Day, everyone!

We hope that you are all doing great and that you feel unconditional love in your heart. Just a little bit of love can change the world and if we were all able to love unconditionally every day the world would certainly be a better place.

Here are the winners of this year’s awards. Usually there are only 3 winners a year for this award, but this year is our first year and we decided to double the awards, so we have six winners! This was not a competition (as we said some time ago) because we don’t like competitions and we would like to reassure you that every single person in the autism hall of fame is absolutely brilliant. However we have this annual award because some excitement is definitely positive and motivating (other organizations also confer awards on this day). While this particular award can only be won once, we might have other awards in the future. The winners will be added to an alphabetical list with the year they won next to their names.

So… this year’s winners are two fabulous children (with fabulous achievements for any age) and four fabulous adults.

The children are (in alphabetical order)

Iris Grace Halmshaw (UK) and

Jacob Velazquez (USA).

The adults are (again in alphabetical order)

Marie Faverio (Australia)

Laura Nadine (USA)

Colleen Ranney (Canada) and

Mark C. Westberg (USA).

Congratulations to all! The winners will also be notified by email within 24 hours and will receive a certificate they can print out.

Happy Autism Love and Acceptance Day (and Month) again! And don’t forget to love every day, not only today.

PS: We saw some art with delightful pastel colors on Marie’s website that we thought would be wonderful for our banner this month, so we asked her manager for permission to use it and for a high-resolution copy, then we added some text and just uploaded it! It will be our banner until the end of the month.

After April you can still enjoy it here:

Autism Love and Acceptance_text

Love to you-all from the whole Autism Hall of Fame Team

Abstract Art by Our Members

Autistic artists can certainly paint abstract art, and very impressively!

Here is a selection of our members’ abstract art (in alphabetical order):

Trent Altman

Marie Faverio




Daily Crucifixion

Paul Fulton

Morgan Giosa

Iris Grace Halmshaw

Jonas Lundström


Steve Selpal

Henriett Seth

Jeremy Sicile-Kira

Kirtanraw Subramanian

Heidi Webster

Donna Williams

The Mind of the Prodigy

Very interesting article on prodigies, also mentioning Joanne Ruthsatz (see separate blogs about her and her book “The Prodigy’s Cousin”) :

We agree that IQ is probably more useful in order to solve certain problems, but not necessary to be a prodigy. Our prodigies (like Jake Barnett, Marie Faverio and Daniel Tammet) have other traits (often typical of Asperger’s Syndrome) that contributed to their success and real-life genius apart from an extremely high IQ. Our prodigies are UNIQUE and we are incredibly proud of them.

Here is an interview with Daniel on the subject:

Poetry by Our Members

We just realized that we have shared many achievements by autistic people, but no poetry at all so far, so we would like to share some great poetry by the awesome poets below (we will post more poets and poetry in the future). In general there seems to be more visual artists, so the poetry we have is really precious. In alphabetical order:

Sydney Edmond:

Marie Faverio:

Gretchen Leary:

Thomas A. McKean:

Tito Mukhopadhyay:

Amy Sequenzia:

Donna Williams:

On Marie’s page there is also an essay on free verse: That’s very interesting because probably many people think there are no rules for free verse, which is obviously not the case. Excellent essay!