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Happy International Women’s Day 2017

On International Women’s Day we would like to invite you to have a look at the extraordinary accomplishments of the ladies of our Autism Hall of Fame. You can also visit our The Genius of Autism Wikia and go to the Photo Section (which currently has two pages) where you can see photos of all the people who have already been included, so you can also quickly see our ladies.

It seems to be obvious that autism, creativity and genius are not only present in men as believed in the past. The reasons for that fallacy are that before the Internet only some geniuses of the past were well-known, and in the past unfortunately women didn’t have many rights and were not supposed to make a career or be smart. Let’s take Mozart and his sister for example. Mozart is believed to have had Asperger’s (he is not on our list because our list is only for contemporary geniuses) and everybody knows him. But what about his sister? His sister was also very talented, but although she was allowed to play as a child, as she grew up she had to follow the rules of her times and had to give up playing to form a family. Here is the Wikipedia entry on her. And here is an article on her. So that’s also why in the past it was believed that the connection between autism and genius was only present in men. Women were not allowed to pursue their dreams and their talents. Now with the Internet as well as emancipation we can all enjoy the great achievements of our ladies, and believe us, although we have not counted them and don’t have statistics if you look at our list you will see that they are certainly not underrepresented.

Congratulations to all our wonderful ladies, and Happy International Women’s Day!