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Our Book “We Can – We Will (Autistic People Help the World)” Is Now Online!

Hello, everyone.

Today is Autistic Pride Day (it is just after midnight) and we are very proud to announce the release of our book “We Can – We Will  (Autistic People Help the World)”. Our contributors have been fantastic in terms of talent, commitment and hard work, and we would like to truly thank them. They have also all been really great to work with, an absolute pleasure.

It is also fantastic that they are all from different countries (a lucky coincidence), as we are proud to be an international organization and to love everyone equally. Love and support know no boundaries. In alphabetical order, our contributors are: Marie Faverio (Australia), Morgan Giosa (USA), Frank Ludwig (Germany/Ireland), and Mickey Mayhew (UK). They have all written great autobiographies, and you can also read their public biographies on the Genius of Autism Wiki site.

Their contributions cover different fields, so there is certainly something for everyone: 144 pages of great art, photography, poetry, music, articles, memoirs, and puzzles.  As external links in Adobe pdf files sometimes cause problems on some computers depending on permissions etc., you will have to copy and paste them into your browser (we have not enabled them). The links in the index are fine because they are internal links.

The names of the contributors are in alphabetical order in the index. You will be able to click on their contributions if you are particularly interested in a certain subject or field and of course you can also read all the contributions in the field of your interest first if you so wish. The index is on page 2 if you want to go back to it.

The authors retain the copyright on their work and for this reason the file is protected, that is to say it cannot be edited (of course) and pages can only be printed in low resolution. If you wish to print out something in high resolution or wish to use any of the contributions, please let us know and we will ask the authors for permission, or if you prefer you can also ask them directly.

So, here it is! “We Can – We Will / Autistic People Help the World”

This is the best site for sharing our file that we could find based on our members’ recommendations (we asked some time ago), as it is also used by professionals, companies, etc. We checked the link after logging out of our account and we can confirm that you can both view the file and download it without an account.

Enjoy both the book and Autistic Pride Day. We truly have many reasons to be proud of ourselves!

*Important Note*: As we said before, the book is free to download, but (as you know) the goal of this book is to help the world, so we would like to ask you to do something to improve the world after downloading it, like a random act of kindness or a small donation to a charity of your choice, or anything else you consider appropriate. If you wish to share it, please link to this page and do not upload it anywhere else. Thank you!