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Beware of Those Who…

Please beware of those who tell you that you are unlucky because you are autistic or who say that “they are sorry”. These people basically want to tell you that they are better and obviously don’t understand the power of difference.

Abuse can be evident when people insult or bully you, but this sort of pity is also a form of abuse that should not be tolerated.

As I type, my autistic child (I am autistic too of course) is explaining maths to a neurotypical child. He is very young, but likes to help others with his gifts. But when I mention he is autistic to people they often tell me that they are “sorry”. Sorry about what?? I couldn’t be happier with him.

This has happened to other people too, actually many people who write to us. We are not unlucky for being who we are. If anything, we are unlucky because society is what it is and is often too narrow-minded to understand the power of difference. But we are definitely not unlucky for being autistic. As a matter of fact, we are quite lucky – we are honest, reliable, accurate, often quite gifted etc. etc. If society cooperated and did its homework we could be really happy.

PS: We are certainly not mentally ill or disabled either. We are just different, which not only doesn’t mean less, but quite often even means more in terms of unique talents. Don’t listen to those who want to make you feel less. They are either prejudiced or ignorant or both or quite often they also often suffer from delusions of grandeur, thinking their way is the only right way and being unable to see the gifts of others.