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Repulsive Discrimination

We have recently been informed of a case of evil and repulsive discrimination. As usual, we cannot share details here without the victim’s consent/knowledge but as autism advocates we would like to still share our sorrow.

It is about a wonderful autistic person who has viciously been discriminated against in a group. This person has been excluded from events on the basis of autism, insulted (called a manipulator for mentioning autism and sensory overload), threatened, mocked and much worse. These people have broken the law in many aspects and should actually have been reported to the proper authorities (like all bullies and abusers should – victims are far too lenient!). There are no excuses for such discriminatory, disgusting behavior!

On top of that two of these people last year camouflaged as refugees to get free food and accommodation at an event at a nice location. And then they call autistic people manipulators if they have problems with sensory overload. This is as bad as bad can be! No wonder autistic people say that normal people scare them. Normal people like these ARE scary; it is not our perception.

Please, everybody, don’t let such people intimidate you, even if they are scary, and talk to somebody if you feel in danger.

EDIT: We have received an incredible high number of emails concerning this post (as well as other posts concerning discrimination, but this case is particularly disturbing because of its deliberate cruelty). Thank you all so much for being such wonderful autism supporters.


I read this just before going to bed and intended to post in the morning, but it upset me so much that I just turned in my bed and could not sleep, so I am posting it now.

This is so disgusting.

Suspended? They should have been fired. How can parents trust those people ever again?

That’s why neurotypicals are so scary. I can imagine how hypocritical they are with parents, all smiles etc., and then that’s what they say behind their back about their autistic child. Absolutely disgusting.