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Shameful Comments about Autistic Children (Pauline Hanson, Australia)

So after reading and posting about the murder of autistic children in Australia some time ago and being informed of Woolworths (a supermarket) that refused to deliver food to an autistic person who can’t answer the phone just the other day, a few hours ago we read about this Australian politician who wants to “segregate” autistic children and remove them from mainstream and who refuses to apologize for what she said: Australian Politician Pauline Hanson Wants to Segregate Autistic Children. Apparently from what we read she didn’t even finish school and had a fish-and-chips shop before she became a politician. Excerpt from her Wikipedia entry: “Hanson first received schooling in her hometown of Wooloongabba, at Buranda Girls’ School. She attended Coorparoo State School in Coorparoo until she ended her education at age 15, shortly before her first marriage and pregnancy”. It appears that she found mainstream education a bit challenging.

This is what autistic children have to say about her comments. Well said, kids! My kid is not in Australia, but he is also autistic like me and does VERY WELL in school.

I had planned a trip to Australia in September and I will cancel it due to these events. Who knows how they would treat me anyway, as we all on the Board are on the spectrum too of course. I am not traveling to a country that condemns autism and doesn’t understand its positive aspects. I didn’t plan to just have fun, surf, pat koalas and be mainstream, so I assume I would not be welcome.


Happy Autistic Pride Day!

Happy Autistic Pride Day!

This is a beautiful day, a day of pride for all autistic people, regardless of where they are or what they do.

So what are you going to do today? I am celebrating with my child (we are both autistic) when we wake up.

Please also have a look at our Art Gallery and the poetry of our members today, in particular the poems about inclusion, There is even a beautiful poem by Marie aptly called Autistic Pride!

This is also a day to think of those who are discriminated against by ignorant people full of prejudices (see our previous post) and give them our love.

Love to you all! And thank you so much for all your emails. Be proud of yourself!

Serious discrimination against an autistic person on Autistic Pride Day (Woolworths Australia)

We have been informed of a serious form of discrimination against an autistic person at the hands of Woolworths Australia, which appears to be a supermarket.

This person today was supposed to have their food delivered by Woolworths Australia but they refused to deliver and cancelled the order first yesterday and then today (which I think is already Autistic Pride Day in Australia according to my calculations), leaving this person stranded at home without food and seriously traumatized because this person said (s)he cannot answer the phone due to autism (they have even be told to check online if they don’t believe this person is autistic, but they persisted). They said if (s)he cannot answer the phone (and basically be “normal”) (s)he won’t be able to shop with them and that was the end of it.

We have been informed that they have of course been reported to the proper authorities, but we just wanted to let you know because this is serious discrimination against all autistic people. Shame on this company!

“I saw being autistic as an opportunity, not a weakness” (Jonathan Andrews)

“Young autistic people want to be accepted by employers for who they are”, says award-winning campaigner Jonathan Andrews:

Jonathan is a trainee solicitor, a disability consultant and an autism employment campaigner as well as winner of the Queen’s Young Leader for 2017. Congratulations,, Andrew!