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The list of our selected blog posts is constantly updated and most old posts will be periodically moved to the list of complete blog posts in order to keep the list of selected blog posts relatively short (or at least not too long). *For a complete list of our blog posts please go here.* We encourage you to visit our complete list, as it has many interesting old posts not listed here.

*Our Book “We Can – We Will (Autistic People Help the World)”*

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A Life Inspired by an Unexpected Genius
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Donna Williams Bravery Award 2019
Dylan Pierce
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Fake News Band (Featuring Our Member Morgan Giosa)
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How Autism Helped Mahatma Gandhi Free India (by Frank Ludwig)
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*Thank You!
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*We Are Here for YOU
Why High-Functioning Autism Is So Challenging
Women Who Don’t Know They Are Autistic
*Your News



Hi, everyone.

We just wanted to let you know that we are currently on vacation. We have actually been on vacation for a couple of days now. There will be delays with emails, but we will answer all emails when we are back of course, as every single email is important to us and we always answer all emails.

Thank you, and enjoy summer too.


Art against Bullying

October is Anti-Bullying month, and we would like to contribute by creating an art gallery with art by autistic people that expresses the feelings (fear, anger, etc.) that bullying may cause. October 10 is also Mental Health Day, and we can certainly see a connection because bullying does cause mental health problems, so we can connect the two issues in our art gallery, although the main focus remains bullying. Bullying is bad and bullies are not strong. They are cowards.

We welcome contributions from both members of the Autism Hall of Fame and other autistic people. Please contact us at ahof_ceos at aol dot com if you wish to submit.

The deadline is September 20.

Thank you!

Fake News Blues Band (Featuring Our Member Morgan Giosa)

Hi, everyone.

Today we wanted to share this work by our member Morgan Giosa after he shared it with us. He formed a new band and they just released an album of original blues/jazz music this year. Here is a link to stream their album:

The album features Morgan on guitar and vocals, Frank Varela on lead and rhythm guitar, Bob Laramie on bass, Morgan’s brother Alex Giosa on drums, and special guests Jeremy Turgeon on trumpet and Deva Varela on harmonica.

Additionally, Morgan brought the same band together (plus special guests Jason LaPierre on guitar and trombone, Abe Puretz on keyboards, and Deva Varela on harmonica) for their debut live performance at Carmine’s Bar Grill & Stage in East Hartford, Connecticut. A video was filmed and you may watch it here (Morgan warns that the audio was recorded with a camcorder and is a bit loud, boomy, and muddy):

Morgan felt this video was important to share, as he suffers from stage fright and social anxiety, so he felt that it could inspire others on the spectrum with musical talent to see that performing live in the conventionally neurotypical setting of a bar is still a possibility if they put their mind and heart into it.

Photos from the debut live performance at Carmine’s Bar Grill & Stage:



Thank you, Morgan!

The Curse of Genius

This is an interesting article about genius. Although it does not mention autism, we think many of us can identify, as the problems of genius mentioned in the article are often the problem of autism too, not only isolation and poor social skills, but also very sharp senses (they don’t mention “sensory overload” in the article, but that’s what it is and it appears that many geniuses suffer from sensory overload according to the article).

Our Book “We Can – We Will (Autistic People Help the World)” Is Now Online!

Hello, everyone.

Today is Autistic Pride Day (it is just after midnight) and we are very proud to announce the release of our book “We Can – We Will  (Autistic People Help the World)”. Our contributors have been fantastic in terms of talent, commitment and hard work, and we would like to truly thank them. They have also all been really great to work with, an absolute pleasure.

It is also fantastic that they are all from different countries (a lucky coincidence), as we are proud to be an international organization and to love everyone equally. Love and support know no boundaries. In alphabetical order, our contributors are: Marie Faverio (Australia), Morgan Giosa (USA), Frank Ludwig (Germany/Ireland), and Mickey Mayhew (UK). They have all written great autobiographies, and you can also read their public biographies on the Genius of Autism Wiki site.

Their contributions cover different fields, so there is certainly something for everyone: 144 pages of great art, photography, poetry, music, articles, memoirs, and puzzles.  As external links in Adobe pdf files sometimes cause problems on some computers depending on permissions etc., you will have to copy and paste them into your browser (we have not enabled them). The links in the index are fine because they are internal links.

The names of the contributors are in alphabetical order in the index. You will be able to click on their contributions if you are particularly interested in a certain subject or field and of course you can also read all the contributions in the field of your interest first if you so wish. The index is on page 2 if you want to go back to it.

The authors retain the copyright on their work and for this reason the file is protected, that is to say it cannot be edited (of course) and pages can only be printed in low resolution. If you wish to print out something in high resolution or wish to use any of the contributions, please let us know and we will ask the authors for permission, or if you prefer you can also ask them directly.

So, here it is! “We Can – We Will / Autistic People Help the World”

This is the best site for sharing our file that we could find based on our members’ recommendations (we asked some time ago), as it is also used by professionals, companies, etc. We checked the link after logging out of our account and we can confirm that you can both view the file and download it without an account.

Enjoy both the book and Autistic Pride Day. We truly have many reasons to be proud of ourselves!

*Important Note*: As we said before, the book is free to download, but (as you know) the goal of this book is to help the world, so we would like to ask you to do something to improve the world after downloading it, like a random act of kindness or a small donation to a charity of your choice, or anything else you consider appropriate. If you wish to share it, please link to this page and do not upload it anywhere else. Thank you!



Donna Williams Bravery Award 2019

Congratulations to Carly Fleischmann! She is the winner of this year’s Donna Williams Bravery Award. This is not surprising of course, as she has been really, really brave in the last few months (actually all her life, but the last few months have been particularly tough), a true hero, and we all love her.

Please, anybody who knows how to contact her let her know and ask her to contact us at ahof_ceos at or let us know directly. We would rather not use social media like Facebook to contact her because we have been told that she is not really in control and we would like to talk directly to her.

Carly, if you find this post yourself, please contact us for your well-deserved certificate. Well done, Carly!

Complete list of the Donna Williams Bravery Award (please have a look):