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Islands of Genius

Almost a month after Dr. Darold Treffert’s sad passing, we would like to remind you of his book “Islands of Genius”:

Many of the geniuses featured in his books are also in our Hall of Fame of course.

It is a great book we recommend to everybody who is interested in the genius of autism, and reading it is a great way to cope with lockdowns.

Happy Holidays

We would like to wish you all happy holidays and above all a wonderful new year 2021.

2020 has been really bad, and it is great that it will soon be over.

Relax and do what you love during the holidays. Don’t force yourself to do anything that might put your mental health at risk. Your feelings count. You are wonderful.

Autistic Lives Matter!

Not enough is done to prevent self-harm in autistic people or also harm at the hands of others. Every time something happens, people talk about it, but then nothing happens.

This really has to change. Autistic lives matter! We have much more to give than neurotypical people can imagine.

Bullying Prevention Month 2020

In a few hours it will be October again, Bullying Prevention Month.

We would like to start by sharing last year’s post because it touched so many hearts with its beautiful art and music:

Every year in October there are events and people talk about bullying, and how bad it is, but the only ones who truly understand how horrible it is are probably those who have been bullied themselves. It hurts, it really hurts, and bullies are so vile that they always target the most vulnerable, not people who can fight back.

A couple of years ago Paul shared with us a very sad story from Australia.

This is Dolly when she was a young child, and a model for Akubra hats.

Just a few years later, at 14, she committed suicide because of bullying.

A couple of days later her best friend was mourning her loss when she started being bullied too, and those who had killed Dolly (that’s what it was – murder) told her that she should kill herself too. Murder, really. Not a mistake, not being unaware of the consequences – murder. They not only didn’t feel anything for murdering Dolly; they even tried to drive her mourning friend to kill herself too. Luckily instead of killing herself she told her parents, but not everybody has the strength to talk.

Bullying is evil, just evil. Even when people survive a suicide attempt, they are crippled inside, often dead. Why should bullies get away with it? For some, it seems to be OK to do anything to us – sexual abuse, mockery, torture, isolation. IT IS NOT OK!!!!!!!! Who the heck do bullies and those who support or ignore them think they are???

It’s time that authorities actually start doing something about it. There should be jail for serious bullying that results in self-harm. Talking is not enough and probably even makes bullies feel important and the center of attention.

Love instead of bullying!

Where Is Carly?

We were asking ourselves this question earlier today, when we found this relatively recent article:

So it appears nobody really knows where or how she is, at least publicly, and that there has been no verified post by her for over 2 1/2 years.

Does anybody here live near her and know how she is? Has anybody actually “seen” her after the incident?

Please let us know if you know how she is… Our email address is at the bottom of the main page of our main website.

She was actually quite sociable in spite of autism, and it is quite concerning that she disappeared… 😦


We have been asked to ask this question…

Has anybody here ever undergone ECT and was it of any benefit to you?

What were the side effects and how long did they last?

Please let us know at our email address.

Thank you,


An Old Post about Creativity

This is an old post, but still very relevant. Autistic people can be so amazingly creative!

The reason why we are sharing it again is that these days many people cannot go out, which can be challenging for everybody, and even more for autistic people who have to change plans, routines etc. and who might suffer more serious sensory overload than usual if they have to live with other people/family members etc. 24/7.

Even if you have never tried to be creative, give it a go. It will help you in many ways… We believe that the results of creativity are always great. You don’t have to be Shakespeare or Michelangelo in order to be great. What you express is always unique and as such extraordinary!